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Tanya (number 20100415).MP3
Tanya (number 20100429).MP3
Tanya (number 20100617).mp3
Tanya (number 20110303).mp3
Tanya Chapter 10 01 (number 20100304).MP3
Tanya Chapter 10 02 (number 20100408).MP3
Tanya Chapter 10 03 (number 20100415).WAV
Tanya Chapter 10 03 really (number 20100325).WAV
Tanya Chapter 12 (number 20100506).mp3
Tanya Chapter 21 (number 20111124).mp3
Tanya Chapter 22 (number 20111201).mp3
Tanya Chapter 22 (number 20111208).mp3
Tanya Chapter 22 (number 20111215).mp3
Tanya Chapter 23 (number 022308-190957).mp3
Tanya Chapter 23 (number 20111222).mp3
Tanya Chapter 23 (number 20111229).mp3
Tanya Chapter 23 (number 20120105).mp3
Tanya Chapter 23 (number 20120216).mp3
Tanya Chapter 24 (number 20120517).mp3