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0-1 Notes to Introduction - Development from the Mishna through the Shulchan Aruch.doc
0-2 Introduction - Overview of the Development of Halacha from the Mishna through the Mishna Berurah.mp3
Siman 08 - Introduction to the Mitzva of Tzitzis.mp3
Siman 08 Seif 1 - Make the beracha and enwrap yourself in tzitzis while standing up.mp3
Siman 08 Seif 2 - How to enwrap in tzitzis.mp3
Siman 08 Seif 3 - Who to enrwap in tallis katan.mp3
Siman 08 Seif 4 - The Beracha is Lhisataif btzitsis.mp3
Siman 08 Seif 5 - Put two tzitzis in the front and two in the back.mp3
Siman 08 Seif 6 - Beracha on Tallis katan is lhisatef.mp3
Siman 08 Seif 7 - One must sperate entanged tzitsis.mp3
Siman 08 Seif 8 - Kavana when donning tzittzis.mp3
Siman 08 Seif 9 - Check your tzittzis are kosher before you make the beracha.mp3
Siman 1 Seif 1.mp3
Siman 1 Seif 1a Beur Halacha - Six Constant Mizvos.mp3
Siman 1 Seif 2 - Prayers for the churban & galus are especially effective at the end of the first, second, and final third of the night.mp3
Siman 1 Seif 3 - Every yirei shamayim should be pained and worried over the destroyed Beis Hamikdash.mp3
Siman 1 Seif 4 - Its better to say fewer tachanunim but with kavana.mp3
Siman 1 Seif 5 - Various things it is good to say.mp3
Siman 1 Seif 6 - Say the Korbanos during the day.mp3
Siman 1 Seif 7 - The Yehi Ratzon after the Korbanos.mp3
Siman 1 Seif 8 - Say the possuk veshachat oso al yerech hamizbeach.mp3
Siman 1 Seif 9 - Some have the custome to say the kiyor, terumas hadeshen, tamid, and ketores.mp3
Siman 1 Summary sheets.docx
Siman 11 Seif 1 - Tzittzis strings must be made l'shma.mp3
Siman 12 Seif 1 - When torn tzitzis are passul.mp3
Siman 12 Seif 2 - How to measure kedai aniva with thick strings.mp3
Siman 13 Seif 1 - Tzitzis on Shabbos.mp3
Siman 13 Seif 2 - Tzitzis on Shabbos.mp3
Siman 13 Seif 3 - Pasul Tzitzis on Shabbos.mp3
Siman 13 Seif 3.mp3
Siman 14 - Seif 1 Tzitzis affixed by a non-Jew.mp3
Siman 14 Seif 1 - Kavanah Required for attaching Tzitzis.mp3
Siman 14 Seif 2 - Kavanah Required for attaching Tzitzis.mp3
Siman 14 Seif 3a - A Borrowed Tallis.mp3
Siman 14 Seif 3b - A Borrowed Tallis.mp3
Siman 14 Seif 4 - Borrowing anothers tallis.mp3
Siman 14 Seif 5 - Partners tallis.mp3
Siman 15 Seif 2 - Repairing a tallis torn at the corner.mp3
Siman 15 Seif 3 - A large tallis taht split in half does not have a problem of ta'aseh v'lo min a asuy.mp3
Siman 15 Seif 4 - tears within 3 fingerbreadths of the corner are a problem.mp3
Siman 23 Seif 1 - Wearing tzitzis in a cemetery.mp3
Siman 23 Seif 2 - Tying your tzitzis together ni a cemetery does not help.mp3
Siman 23 Seif 3 - Being within 4 amos of a dead person is same as a cemetery.mp3
Siman 24 Seif 1 - One is not obligated to wear tzitzit if he is not wearing a 4-cornerred garment, but he should.mp3
Siman 24 Seif 2 - Hold your tzitzis in your left hand near your heart while saying Shema.mp3
Siman 24 Seif 3 - Look at yoru tzitzis at the time of the beracha.mp3
Siman 24 Seif 4 - Look at your tzitzis when saying u-reisem oso.mp3
Siman 24 Seif 5 - Kabbalistic reminders within the tzitzis.mp3
Siman 24 Seif 6 - The punishment for failure to fulfil the mitzva of tzitzis and the reward for fulfilling it are great.mp3
Siman 3 Seif 01 - Addressing your accompanying angels before entering the latrine.mp3
Siman 3 Seif 02 - Not exposing oneself earlier than necessary.mp3
Siman 3 Seif 03 - Stimulating oneself to have a bowel movement.mp3
Siman 3 Seif 04 - Minimizing the amount of your body exposed while using the toilet.mp3
Siman 3 Seif 05 - Align your backside northward when reliveing oneself outdoors.mp3
Siman 3 Seif 06 - Aligning your bed on a North-South axis.mp3
Siman 3 Seif 07 - Urinating in a location within eyeshot of the Har habayit.mp3
Siman 3 Seif 08 - How far one must distance himself from others when relieving himself.mp3
Siman 3 Seif 09 - Do not sit or push too forcefully.mp3
Siman 3 Seif 10 - Wipe with your left hand.mp3
Siman 3 Seif 11 - What not to wipe yourself with.mp3
Siman 3 Seif 12 - One should be dignified at night as he is during the day.mp3
Siman 3 Seif 13 - Be careful not to splash on yourself while urinating.mp3
Siman 3 Seif 14 - What one may touch while urinating.mp3
Siman 3 Seif 15 - Where a man shuold not touch while urinating.mp3
Siman 3 Seif 16 - The general prohibition of touching oneself.mp3
Siman 3 Seif 17 - One should not refrain from relieving himself when he has the urge.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 01(pt 1) - The beracha of al netilas yedayim in the morning.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 01(pt 2) - The beracha of al netilas yedayim in the morning.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 02 - Washing to remove Ruach Rah.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 03 - Do not touch your sense organs or orifices before washing.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 04 - Places one should not touch too much regardless of tumah on their hands.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 05 - Do not touch beer anytime or food before washing negel vasser.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 06 - You do not need a reviis of water to wach in the morning (bidi eved).mp3
Siman 4 Seif 07 - Ideally, one should be makpid when washing in the morning for all the things one is makpid for washing for a seudah.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 08 - Ruach Rah water should go into a kli, not onto the ground.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 09 - One may not benefit from the Ruach Rah water which shuodl be poured where people do not walk.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 10 - Take the kli with your right hand first and also pour onto your right hand first.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 11 - One who has not washed negel vasser should not wash others.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 12 - Washing your hands in a kli will help for shacharis but not for ruach rah.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 13 - What to do about washing if you were up the whole night.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 14 - What to do about washing hands if you get up very early.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 15 - Whether sleeping during the day necessitateswashing for ruach rah.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 16 - David HaMelech avoided sleeping (so should you).mp3
Siman 4 Seif 17 - Rising your mouth every morning.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 18 - Things that require a hand washing with water.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 19 - Consequences of not washing hands after blood letting, haircutting, and fingernail paring.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 20 - Dry your face properly after you wash it.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 21 - keep your hands clean while eating and praying.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 22 - If you do not have water wipe your hands and say al nekiyus yedayim.mp3
Siman 4 Seif 23 - Water is only needed lechatchila for tefillah and Shema.mp3
Siman 5 Seif 1 - Have Kavanah when you say berachos.mp3
Siman 6 Seif 1 - The Beracha of Asher Yatzar.mp3
Siman 6 Seif 2 - Make the bercha on washing your hands at home or at shul (but not both).mp3
Siman 6 Seif 3 - Elokai Neshama.mp3
Siman 6 Seif 4 - Everyone taking turns saying amen to everyone else is OK.mp3
Siman 7 Seif 1 - Make an Asher Yatzar after each time you use the restroom but no beracha on netilas yedayim.mp3
Siman 7 Seif 2 - Urinating in and of itself does not obligate one to wash his hands.mp3
Siman 7 Seif 3 - Whether one makes Asher Yatzar twice if he forgot once.mp3
Siman 7 Seif 4 - Expelling even the smallest amount of urine obligates one to say Asher Yatzar.mp3