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AUDIO - Berachos 15a-1 - Mishna Must hear what he reads (6 mins) (number 1511).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 15a-2 - What is the reason that the Shema must be audible (19 mins) (number 1512).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 15a-4 - Must one hear what he says take 2 (28 mins) (number 1514).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 15b-1 - If you read without enunciating each letter (1 min) (number 1521).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 15b-2 - Connection between the grave and the womb (3 mins) (number 1522).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 15b-3 - And you shall write them on the doorposts (15 mins) (number 1523).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 15b-4 - Pausing between those words that tend to become attached (6 mins) (number 1524).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 15b-5 - Torah can elevate a person from guilt to merit (2 mins) (number 1525).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 16a-1 - Reciting the Shema out of order (4 mins) (number 1611).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 16a-2 - Mishna Kavanah for Krias Shema (4 mins) (number 1612).mp3