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AUDIO - Berachos 2a-1 - Introduction (3 mins) (number 0211).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 2a-2 - Introduction to Krias Shema (5 mins) (number 0212).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 2a-3 - Mishna (24 Mins) (number 0213).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 2a-4 - The context of the Tanna (6 mins) (number 0214).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 2a-5 - When the kohanim can eat their teurmah (23 mins) (number 0215).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 2b-1 - Shitos Amorai'im re the easliest time to say Krias Shema in the evening (16 mins) (number 0221).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 2b-2 - Resolving the contradictions in the Shotos Amorai'im (11 mins) (number 0222).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 3a-1 - The Ashmuros (watches) of the night (29 mins) (number 0311).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 3a-2 - Hashem's Pain expressed at the Ashmuros (watches) of the night (29 mins) (number 0311).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 3a-2 - Three reasons not to enter a churva (15 mins) (number 0312).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 3b-1 - How many Ashmuros there are in the night (6 mins) (number 0321).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 3b-2 - What one may speak about in front of an unburied dead body (7 mins) (number 0322).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 3b-3 - David HaMelech at midnight (8 mins) (number 0323).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 3b-4 - The meaning of 'Neshef' (6 mins) (number 0324).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 3b-5 - David HaMelech's chassidus and seder hayom (32 mins) (number 0325).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 4a-1 - More About David HaMelech (9 mins) (number 0411).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 4a-2 - The Chassidus of David HaMelech (25 mins) (number 0412).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 4a-3 - Understanding why the Chachamim said 'until midnight' (3 mins) (number 0413).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 4b-1 - Which shuodl come first at night - Shema or Amida (36 mins) (number 0421).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 4b-2 - Ashrei (14 mins) (number 0422).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 4b-3 - Michael, Gavriel, Eliahu, & The Malach HaMaves (6 mins) (number 0423).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 4b-4 - Bed-time Krias Shema (6 mins) (number 0424).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 5a-1 - Strategies to beat the Yetzer HaRah (3 mins) (number 0511).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 5a-2 - What was Given to Moshe at Sinai (2 mins) (number 0512).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 5a-3 - Saying Shema at bedtime is like holding a doundle-edged sword (3 mins) (number 0513).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 5a-5 - The Midos of Hashem are unlike those of people (3 mins) (number 0515).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 5a-7 - Yessurin Shel Ahava (18 mins) (number 0517).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 5a-8 - Three gifts only acquired through yessurin (3 mins) (number 0518).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 5a-9 - When two people pray together (18 mins) (number 0519).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 5b-1 - Afflictions of love (15 mins) (number 0521).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 5b-2 - Stories of sages afflicted with suffering (6 mins) (number 0522).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 5b-3 - Rav Huna's wine turns to vinegar (13 mins) (number 0523).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 5b-4 - Prayer before my bed and bed North to South (9 mins) (number 0524).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 6a-1 - Prayer is only heard in a synagogue (17 mins) (number 0611).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 6a-2 - Where is Hashem found (16 mins) (number 0612).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 6a-3 - Hashem wears tefillin (5 mins) (number 0613).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 6a-4 - What's written in Hashem's tefillin (12 mins) (number 0614).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 6b-1 - What happens if you miss a day of synagogue attendance (9 mins) (number 0621).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 6b-10 - Greeting your friend first (3 mins) (number 06210).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 6b-2 - Hashem gets upset if you are not on time to shul (2 mins) (number 0622).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 6b-3 - Having a fixed seat in shul (5 mins) (number 0623).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 6b-4 - Taking long strides on the way out or into a synagogue (5 mins) (number 0624).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 6b-5 - The main reward for various things (14 mins) (number 0625).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 6b-6 - Praying behind a synagogue (14 mins) (number 0626).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 6b-7 - Being careful with the Mincha prayer (7 mins) (number 0627).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 6b-8 - Eating at a wedding and gladdening the bridegroom (15 mins) (number 0628).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 6b-9 - Anyone who fears Heaven, his words are heard (6 mins) (number 0629).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 7a-1 - Hashem's prayers (9 mins) (number 07101).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 7a-2 - Appeasing someone at the moment of their anger (8 mins) (number 07102).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 7a-7 -Moshe sees Hashem's back (8 mins) (number 07107).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 7a-8 -Hashem's good words are always fulfilled (4 mins) (number 07108).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 7b-1 -Avraham was the first one to call Hashem 'Adon' (13 mins) (number 07201).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 7b-2 - Appeasing someone in the moment of their anger (1 min) (number 07202).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 7b-3 - Leah, the fist one to thank Hashem (5 min) (number 07203).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 7b-4 - Meaning of the name Reuven (6 min) (number 07204).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 7b-5 - Meaning of the name Ruth (3 min) (number 07205).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 7b-6 - The source that names have significance (3 min) (number 07206).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 7b-7 - The bad upbringing of a child (8 min) (number 07207).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 7b-8 - Contending with the wicked (11 min) (number 07208).mp3
AUDIO - Berachos 7b-9 - A set place to pray (3 mins) (number 07209).mp3
NOTICE - General Information (number 000000001).pdf