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60Second_Shiur23 (number 23).MP3
60Second_Shiur24 (number 24).MP3
60Second_shiur25 (number 25).MP3
60Second_shiur26 (number 26).MP3
ChovosHaLevavos ShaarHaBitachon Intro - Yarchei Kallah (number 20110814).mp3
ChovosHaLevavos ShaarHaBitachon Intro - Yarchei Kallah (number 20110817).mp3
DvarHalacha (20120913) sleeping on Rosh HaShana.mp3
DvarHalacha (20120920) Yom Kippur set table - mikveh.mp3
DvarHalacha (20120924) Yom Kippur less than shiur.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121017) is ruach raah on hands transferrable.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121018) prayer on medical treatment.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121021) walking in front of kaddish.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121022) netilas yadayim amount of bread.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121023) netilas yadayim both hands.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121024) netilas yadayim cracked cup.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121028) netilas yadayim water.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121029) netilas yadayim water 2.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121031) netilas yadayim water previously used.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121101) netilas yadayim distance to water.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121104) netilas yadayim when no water.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121105) netilas yadayim chatzitza size.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121108) netilas yadayim what is chatzitza.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121111) netilas yadayim band-aid (r) position.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121112) netilas yadayim band-aid (r).mp3
DvarHalacha (20121120) disposable cup muktza.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121121) netilas yadayim checking hands.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121122) netilas yadayim drying first.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121125) netilas yadayim right hand first.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121126) netilas yadayim water coverage.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121127) netilas yadayim one pouring.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121128) netilas yadayim pour twice.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121129) netilas yadayim to wrist.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121202) netilas yadayim touching wet hands.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121203) Chunuka place to light.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121204) Chanuka position for visibility.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121205) Chanuka window issues.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121206) Chanuka and havdala.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121216) Chanuka left over oil.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121217) netilas yadayim why rub-and-lift.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121218) netilas yadayim timing of bracha.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121219) netilas yadayim drying.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121220) 10 beTeves.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121226) netilas yadayim - hefsek before bracha.mp3
DvarHalacha (20121227) netilas yadayim - hesech hadaas.mp3
DvarHalacha (20130227) 30 days before the chag.mp3
DvarHalacha (20130414) Sefiras HaOmer if you know you will miss.mp3
DvarHalacha (20130415) Sefiras HaOmer with ordinal numbers.mp3
DvarHalacha (20130416) saying number before sefiras haOmer.mp3
DvarHalacha (20130417) incorrect correction of sefiras haOmer.mp3
DvarHalacha (20130421) Bar Mitzvah during sefiras haOmer.mp3
DvarHalacha (20130423) Sefiras haOmer - mistaken count of days or weeks.mp3
DvarHalacha (20130424) Pesach Sheni.mp3
DvarHalacha (20130425) haircuts before Shabbat 31 laOmer.mp3
DvarHalacha (20130428) weddings on lag baOmer.mp3
DvarHalacha (20130429) attending simcha during sefiras haomer.mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100415).MP3
DvarHalacha (number 20100425).MP3
DvarHalacha (number 20100426).MP3
DvarHalacha (number 20100427).MP3
DvarHalacha (number 20100428).MP3
DvarHalacha (number 20100503).MP3
DvarHalacha (number 20100504).MP3
DvarHalacha (number 20100527).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100603).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100606).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100623).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100627).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100630).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100701).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100707).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100711).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100712).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100714).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100718).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100721).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100722).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100810).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100811).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100812).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100815).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100816).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100817).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100819).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100822).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100823).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100825).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100826).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100829).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100830).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100831).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100901).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100905).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100907).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100913).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100914).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100915).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100916).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20100921).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101004).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101005).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101006).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101007).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101010).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101011).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101012).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101013).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101014).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101017).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101018).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101019).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101020).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101021).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101025).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101026).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101027).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101031).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101101).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101102).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101103).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101108).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101109).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101110).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101111).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101114).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101115).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101116).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101117).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101118).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101121).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101122).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101208).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101209).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101212).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101214).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101215).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101216).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101220).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101221).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101222).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101223).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101226).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101227).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101228).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101229).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20101230).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110102).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110103).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110104).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110105).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110106).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110109).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110110).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110111).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110113).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110116).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110117).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110119).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110120).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110125).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110126).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110127).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110130).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110131).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110201).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110202).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110203).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110207).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110209).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110210).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110213).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110214).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110215).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110216).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110217).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110220).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110221).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110222).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110223).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110227).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110228).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110301).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110303).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110306).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110307).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110308).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110310).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110313).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110314).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110323).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110324).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110327).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110328).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110329).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110331).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110403).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110404).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110405).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110406).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110407).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110410).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110412).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110413).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110414).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110427).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110428).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110501).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110502).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110503).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110505).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110508).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110509).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110510).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110511).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110512).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110523).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110524).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110525).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110526).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110529).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110530).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110531).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110601).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110602).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110605).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110606).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110609).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110612).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110613).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110614).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110615).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110616).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110619).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110620).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110621).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110622).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110623).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110626).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110627).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110629).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110630).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110704).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110705).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110706).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110707).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110710).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110711).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110712).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110713).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110714).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110718).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110720).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110721).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110724).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110727).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110728).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110801).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110803).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110804).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110807).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110810).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110814).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110817).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110829).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110831).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110901).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110904).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110905).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110906).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110907).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110908).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110911).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110912).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110913).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110914).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110918).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110919).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110921).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20110922).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20111003).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20111004).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20111005).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20111006).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20111009).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20111010).mp3
DvarHalacha (number 20111122).mp3
DvarHalacha 3 Steps Back After Shemoneh Esrei (number 20120202).mp3
DvarHalacha 30 Days Before Pesach (number 20120312).mp3
DvarHalacha 9 Days and Shaitels (number 20100713).mp3
DvarHalacha A Kotons Siyum (number 20100316).MP3
DvarHalacha A Minor That Steals (number 20120104).mp3
DvarHalacha A Set Table for Shabbos (number 20120605).mp3
DvarHalacha A Shomer for the Chosson (number 20120614).mp3
DvarHalacha A Wifes Income (number 20100617).mp3
DvarHalacha Acquiring Mitaltilin (number 20100616).mp3
DvarHalacha Acquisitions (number 20120613).mp3
DvarHalacha and ShaarHaBitachon-YarcheiKallah (number 20110815).mp3
DvarHalacha and ShaarHaBitachon-YarcheiKallah (number 20110816).mp3
DvarHalacha and ShaarHaBitachon-YarcheiKallah (number 20110818).mp3
DvarHalacha and ShaarHaBitachon-YarcheiKallah (number 20110821).mp3
DvarHalacha and ShaarHaBitachon-YarcheiKallah (number 20110822).mp3
DvarHalacha and ShaarHaBitachon-YarcheiKallah (number 20110823).mp3
DvarHalacha and ShaarHaBitachon-YarcheiKallah (number 20110824).mp3
DvarHalacha and ShaarHaBitachon-YarcheiKallah (number 20110825).mp3
DvarHalacha Bar Mitzvah and Ben Sorrer uMoreh (number 20100517).mp3
DvarHalacha Basar bChalav (number 20111214).mp3
DvarHalacha Bathing erev Shabbos Chazon (number 20120726).mp3
DvarHalacha Bedikas Chometz - When (number 20100303).MP3
DvarHalacha Bedikas Chometz - When (number 20100310).MP3
DvarHalacha Bedikas Chometz (number 20120318).mp3
DvarHalacha Bedikas Chometz and Crumbs (number 20100307).MP3
DvarHalacha Bentching - Blessing the Ba'al haBayis (number 20120701).mp3
DvarHalacha Bentching (number 20120618).mp3
DvarHalacha Bentching Where You Ate (number 20120216).mp3
DvarHalacha Berachah Acharonah of Berachah Me'ein Sheva (number 20120207).mp3
DvarHalacha Birchas Eirusin (number 20111201).mp3
DvarHalacha Birckas Hatov Vhameitiv (number 20120116).mp3
DvarHalacha Birckas Hatov Vhameitiv on Wine (number 20120117).mp3
DvarHalacha Birkas Ilanos (number 20120322).mp3
DvarHalacha B'leela Rahkah (number 20100620).mp3
DvarHalacha Bracha Achrona (number 20120529).mp3
DvarHalacha Bracha Achrona (number 20120530).mp3
DvarHalacha Business with Issurei Hanaah (number 20120703).mp3
DvarHalacha Business with Issurei Hanaah p2 (number 20120704).mp3
DvarHalacha Calling a Kohen up to the Torah (number 20111130).mp3
DvarHalacha Chanukah (number 20111218).mp3
DvarHalacha Chanukah (number 20111221).mp3
DvarHalacha Cheesecake and Berachos (number 20120524).mp3
DvarHalacha Chometz (number 20120315).mp3
DvarHalacha Chometz on Pesach (number 20120327).mp3
DvarHalacha Chometz Sh'Ovar Alav haPesach (number 20100407).MP3
DvarHalacha Chometzdik Medicine (number 20100322).MP3
DvarHalacha Cleaning Clothes on Shabbos (number 20120109).mp3
DvarHalacha Cleaning Clothes Without Water on Shabbos (number 20120108).mp3
DvarHalacha Cleaning Within 30 Days of Pesach (number 20120311).mp3
DvarHalacha Covering Grain Products During Havdalah (number 20120301).mp3
DvarHalacha Davening Opposite a Mirror (number 20120212).mp3
DvarHalacha Defect in Merchandise (number 20111123).mp3
DvarHalacha Dental Crowns and Braces on Pesach (number 20120328).mp3
DvarHalacha Drinking Water on Pesach (number 20120402).mp3
DvarHalacha Eating Dairy on Shavuos (number 20120523).mp3
DvarHalacha Eating More Than 1 Piece of Cake (number 20120531).mp3
DvarHalacha Eating Something in the Middle of a Meal (number 20111211).mp3
DvarHalacha Eiruv Tavshillin (number 20110925).mp3
DvarHalacha Eruv Tavshilin (number 20110925).mp3
DvarHalacha Forgetting Yaaleh VYavo During Erev Shabbos Mincha (number 20100513).mp3
DvarHalacha Getting Discounts For Friends (number 20100512).mp3
DvarHalacha Gevurah sh'b'Netzach & Being Reminded to Count (number 20120429).mp3
DvarHalacha Guests on Chanukah (number 20111219).mp3
DvarHalacha Hagbah (number 20120208).mp3
DvarHalacha Hallel haShalem on Chanukah (number 20111227).mp3
DvarHalacha Hatov Vhameitiv - conclusion (number 20120119).mp3
DvarHalacha Havdallah or Megillah First (number 20100222).MP3
DvarHalacha Hilchos Berachos -- Pas (number 20120220).mp3
DvarHalacha Hilchos Berachos (number 20120102).mp3
DvarHalacha Hilchos Berachos (number 20120610).mp3
DvarHalacha Hilchos Berachos (number 20120611).mp3
DvarHalacha Hilchos Brachos (Seudah) (number 20111205).mp3
DvarHalacha Hilchos Shabbos (number 20111229).mp3
DvarHalacha Hilchos Tzedakah (number 20120110).mp3
DvarHalacha How Much Matzah to Eat (number 20120403).mp3
DvarHalacha Joining Together for a Zimun (number 20120612).mp3
DvarHalacha Kashering the Kitchen for Pesach (number 20120325).mp3
DvarHalacha Keeping Your Feet Together During Shemoneh Esrei (number 20120606).mp3
DvarHalacha Kesubah (number 20111124).mp3
DvarHalacha Kitnios (number 20100317).MP3
DvarHalacha Kosher Soap (number 20111206).mp3
DvarHalacha Kri'ah by the Kosel (number 20120805).mp3
DvarHalacha Krias haMegillah (number 20120305).mp3
DvarHalacha Lag BaOmer (number 20100429).MP3
DvarHalacha Lev Tov and Growing Old During Sefirah (number 20120430).mp3
DvarHalacha Machatzis haShekel (number 20120304).mp3
DvarHalacha Machtzis HaShekel and Baruch HaMavdil on Motz'Sh (number 20100221).MP3
DvarHalacha Machtzis HaShekel and Baruch HaMavdil on Motz'Sh.MP3
DvarHalacha Making a Bracha on Fruit (number 20120101).mp3
DvarHalacha Maos Chittin (number 20100309).MP3
DvarHalacha Ma'os Chittin (number 20120313).mp3
DvarHalacha Ma'os Chittin (number 20120314).mp3
DvarHalacha Matzo Bry (number 20100324).MP3
DvarHalacha Mayim Acharonim (number 20120607).mp3
DvarHalacha Mechiras Chometz (number 20100311).MP3
DvarHalacha Mechiras Chometz (number 20120320).mp3
DvarHalacha Megillah Reading (number 20110315).mp3
DvarHalacha Melacha on Erev Pesach (number 20120404).mp3
DvarHalacha More About Bitul and Bedikas Chometz (number 20120321).mp3
DvarHalacha More About Eiruv Tavshillin (number 20110927).mp3
DvarHalacha More About Kashering the Kitchen (number 20120326).mp3
DvarHalacha More About Sefiras haOmer (number 20120425).mp3
DvarHalacha More Sefiras haOmer (number 20120423).mp3
DvarHalacha Mourning the Churban (number 20120809).mp3
DvarHalacha Mourning the Churban and Anticipating the Geulah (number 20120710).mp3
DvarHalacha Moving to Eretz Yisrael (number 20121012).mp3
DvarHalacha Muktzeh (number 20120115).mp3
DvarHalacha Names of Shavuos (number 20120522).mp3
DvarHalacha Orlah Leaves (number 20100510).mp3
DvarHalacha Pareve After Fleishig (number 20100608).mp3
DvarHalacha Parshas HaNasi & Chometz Vessels (number 20100318).MP3
DvarHalacha Paying Your Worker (number 20120620).mp3
DvarHalacha Personal Tefillos During Amida (number 20100614).mp3
DvarHalacha Pesach Sheni (number 20120506).mp3
DvarHalacha Pinworm Medication on Shabbos (number 20120603).mp3
DvarHalacha Pinworm Medicine on Shabbos (number 20120604).mp3
DvarHalacha Playing Music During Weddings in Yerushalayim (number 20120808).mp3
DvarHalacha Pre-Order Discounts (number 20100601).mp3
DvarHalacha Promising Presents (number 20100602).mp3
DvarHalacha Purim (number 20110316).mp3
DvarHalacha Putting Water in the Cholent (cont.) (number 20111129).mp3
DvarHalacha Putting Water in the Cholent (number 20111128).mp3
DvarHalacha Quantities for Matzo and Wine (number 20100325).MP3
DvarHalacha Rinsing After Hagala (number 20100615).mp3
DvarHalacha Roast Meat Seder Night (number 20100323).MP3
DvarHalacha Sefira-Bracha Intentions - Also, Sefira-Bracha After Possible Skipping (number 20100414).MP3
DvarHalacha Sefirah Prohibitions on the Night of Lag BaOmer (number 20120507).mp3
DvarHalacha Sefiras haOmer (number 20120422).mp3
DvarHalacha Sefiras haOmer (number 20120424).mp3
DvarHalacha Sefiras haOmer (number 20120426).mp3
DvarHalacha Sefiras haOmer (number 20120501).mp3
DvarHalacha Sefiras haOmer (number 20120502).mp3
DvarHalacha Selling Chometz (number 20100304).MP3
DvarHalacha Shechecheyanu During the 3 Weeks (number 20120717).mp3
DvarHalacha Shehecheyanu During Sefira (number 20100408).MP3
DvarHalacha Sheva Berachos (number 20111208).mp3
DvarHalacha Shomer Sachar (number 20111207).mp3
DvarHalacha Singing Mizmor LSodah (number 20100509).mp3
DvarHalacha Soft Pretzels -- What Berachah (number 20120219).mp3
DvarHalacha Staying Up All Night (number 20120513).mp3
DvarHalacha Staying Up All Night (number 20120514).mp3
DvarHalacha Staying Up All Night (number 20120515).mp3
DvarHalacha Staying Up All Night (number 20120516).mp3
DvarHalacha Staying Up All Night (number 20120517).mp3
DvarHalacha Staying Up All Night (number 20120520).mp3
DvarHalacha Staying Up All Night (number 20120521).mp3
DvarHalacha Taanis Halachos (number 20100628).mp3
DvarHalacha Tachanun (number 20120205).mp3
DvarHalacha Tachanun (number 20120206).mp3
DvarHalacha Tachanun Positioning (number 20100621).mp3
DvarHalacha Teshuvah (number 20120827).mp3
DvarHalacha Teshuvah (number 20120902).mp3
DvarHalacha The Need for a First Date (number 20120705).mp3
DvarHalacha Tosefes Shabbos (number 20120213).mp3
DvarHalacha Tosefes Shabbos (number 20120215).mp3
DvarHalacha Tzedaka Giving Behavior (number 20100622).mp3
DvarHalacha Tzitzis (number 20100607).mp3
DvarHalacha Tzitzis (number 20120221).mp3
DvarHalacha Understanding What You Count & Music During Sefira (number 20100413).WAV
DvarHalacha Washing - Leaving During a Meal (number 20120617).mp3
DvarHalacha Washing a Kos shel Berachah (number 20120628).mp3
DvarHalacha Washing Dishes on Shabbos (number 20111213).mp3
DvarHalacha Washing During the 9 Days (number 20120719).mp3
DvarHalacha Wasting Food (number 20120625).mp3
DvarHalacha What Happened on Lag BaOmer (number 20120508).mp3
DvarHalacha What is Chometz (number 20100321).MP3
DvarHalacha What To Do During Krias HaMegillah (number 20100224).MP3
DvarHalacha What To Do If You Cant Eat Matza (number 20100315).MP3
DvarHalacha What To Do With Leftover Chanukah Oil (number 20111228).mp3
DvarHalacha When Purim's on Friday (number 20120306).mp3
DvarHalacha When to Learn Holiday Halachas (number 20100308).MP3
DvarHalacha When to Light on Chanukah (number 20111220).mp3
DvarHalacha Who Leads Bentching (number 20111127).mp3
DvarHalacha Wine Exempts Other Beverages (number 20101028).mp3
DvarHalacha Yesod sh'b'Netzach & The Wrong Number During the Brachah (number 20120503).mp3
DvarHalacha Yichud (number 20111215).mp3
DvarHalacha Zeicher lChurban (number 20120731).mp3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080803).mp3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080804).mp3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080805).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080806).mp3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080818).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080819).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080820).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080821).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080824).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080825).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080826).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080827).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080828).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080831).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080901).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080902).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080903).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080904).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080907).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080908).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080909).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080910).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080911).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080914).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080915).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080916).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080917).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080918).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080921).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080922).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20080925).MP3
DvarHalacha_ (number 20081005).MP3
DvarHalacha_100_Berachos (number 20100110).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_03_31 (number 20090331).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_04_01 (number 20090401).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_04_04 (number 20090404).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_04_05 (number 20090405).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_04_18 (number 20090418).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_04_19 (number 20090419).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_04_20 (number 20090420).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_04_21 (number 20090421).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_04_22 (number 20090422).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_04_25 (number 20090425).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_05_11 (number 20090511).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_05_13 (number 20090513).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_05_16 (number 20090516).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_05_17 (number 20090517).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_05_18 (number 20090518).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_05_19 (number 20090519).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_05_24 (number 20090524).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_05_26 (number 20090526).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_05_30 (number 20090530).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_05_31 (number 20090531).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_06_01 (number 20090601).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_06_02 (number 20090602).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_06_03 (number 20090603).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_06_09 (number 20090609).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_06_10 (number 20090610).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_06_13 (number 20090613).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_06_14 (number 20090614).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_06_15 (number 20090615).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_06_16 (number 20090616).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_06_17 (number 20090617).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_06_20 (number 20090620).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_06_21 (number 20090621).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_06_22 (number 20090622).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_06_23 (number 20090623).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_06_24 (number 20090624).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_06_27 (number 20090627).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_06_28 (number 20090628).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_06_29 (number 20090629).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_07_04 (number 20090704).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_07_06 (number 20090706).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_07_11 (number 20090711).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_07_12 (number 20090712).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_07_13 (number 20090713).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_07_14 (number 20090714).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_07_15 (number 20090715).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_07_18 (number 20090718).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_07_19 (number 20090719).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_07_20 (number 20090720).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_07_21 (number 20090721).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_07_22 (number 20090722).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_07_25 (number 20090725).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_07_26 (number 20090726).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_07_27 (number 20090727).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_08_01 (number 20090801).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_08_03 (number 20090803).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_08_05 (number 20090805).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_08_08 (number 20090808).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_08_09 (number 20090809).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_08_11 (number 20090811).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_08_12 (number 20090812).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_08_15 (number 20090815).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_08_16 (number 20090816).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_08_19 (number 20090819).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_08_23 (number 20090823).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_08_24 (number 20090824).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_08_25 (number 20090825).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_08_26 (number 20090826).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_08_27 (number 20090827).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_08_30 (number 20090830).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_09_01 (number 20090901).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_09_02 (number 20090902).MP3
DvarHalacha_2009_09_03 (number 20090903).MP3
DvarHalacha_A_Wife's_Entitlement_to_Her_Income (number 20090805).MP3
DvarHalacha_Answering_Amen_After_Talking (number 20100117).MP3
DvarHalacha_Aron_Kodesh (number 20091221).MP3
DvarHalacha_Ashrei_Before_Mincha (number 20100118).MP3
DvarHalacha_BaruchHuBaruchShemo (number 20120122).mp3
DvarHalacha_BaruchHuBaruchShemo (number 20120123).mp3
DvarHalacha_Benching Behaviors_part_2 (number 20090811).MP3
DvarHalacha_Benching_Behaviors (number 20090809).MP3
DvarHalacha_Birkas_Kohanim_Decorum (number 20100104).MP3
DvarHalacha_Birkas_Kohanim_Decorum_part_2 (number 20100105).MP3
DvarHalacha_Bonei_B’Rachamav_Yerushalayim_Amein (number 20091220).MP3
DvarHalacha_Borei_Nefashos_Issues (number 20100111).MP3
DvarHalacha_Borer_–_Putting_a_Mixture_Away (number 20090825).MP3
DvarHalacha_Both_Sides_of_the_[Choshen_Mishpat]_Story (number 20100114).MP3
DvarHalacha_BowingDownStoneFloor (number 20120124).mp3
DvarHalacha_BowingDownStoneFloor (number 20120125).mp3
DvarHalacha_BowingDownStoneFloor (number 20120126).mp3
DvarHalacha_Choshen_Mishpat_Intricacies (number 20100210).MP3
DvarHalacha_Davening_Along_With_the_Shliach_Tzibbur (number 20100103).MP3
DvarHalacha_Davening_vs._Using_the_Restroom (number 20091227).MP3
DvarHalacha_Eating_Dairy_on_a_Table_Upon_Which_Meat_Has_Been_Placed (number 20100112).MP3
DvarHalacha_Eating_Human_Blood (number 20090823).MP3
DvarHalacha_Finding_a_Placed_Object (number 20091230).MP3
DvarHalacha_Finding_a_Placed_Object (Part 2) (number 20091231).MP3
DvarHalacha_Forgetting_One_of_the_Sheva_Berachos (number 20100204).MP3
DvarHalacha_Getting_Credit,_Not_Money_Back_(in_Hebrew) (number 20100203).MP3
DvarHalacha_HafrashasChallah (number 20120131).mp3
DvarHalacha_HilchosTevilasKeilim (number 20120130).mp3
DvarHalacha_How_To_Increase_Simcha_For_Adar (number 20100214).MP3
DvarHalacha_Husband_&_Wife_-_Where_To_Live (number 20100211).MP3
DvarHalacha_Inheritance_for_Girls (number 20090827).MP3
DvarHalacha_Issur_Hishtachavaya_Tachanun (number 20120129).mp3
DvarHalacha_Kil’ei_Zeraim_in_Eretz_Yisroel (number 20090901).MP3
DvarHalacha_Kinyanim_in_the_Supermarket (number 20091223).MP3
DvarHalacha_Kvi'as_Mezuza (number 20091222).MP3
DvarHalacha_Making_Shidduchim (number 20090819).MP3
DvarHalacha_Motioning_During_Shema (number 20100208).MP3
DvarHalacha_Nedarim_for_Tzedaka (number 20090808).MP3
DvarHalacha_Oshek_–_Are_You_Doing_It_ (number 20090826).MP3
DvarHalacha_Oshek_–_Are_You_Doing_It__(Part 2) (number 20090902).MP3
DvarHalacha_Parshas_HaAkeida (number 20091228).MP3
DvarHalacha_Pictures_of_the_Sun,_Moon,_and_Stars (number 20100202).MP3
DvarHalacha_Pre-Refuah_Prayer (number 20100201).MP3
DvarHalacha_Pre-Shacharis_Activities (number 20090830).MP3
DvarHalacha_Ribbis (number 20100119).MP3
DvarHalacha_Ribbis_part_2 (number 20100120).MP3
DvarHalacha_Standing_for_Elders (number 20100106).MP3
DvarHalacha_Standing_for_Elders_part_2 (number 20100107).MP3
DvarHalacha_Standing_Unclothed_Near_Sefarim (number 20100131).MP3
DvarHalacha_StealingToSaveALife (number 20120201).mp3
DvarHalacha_Supporting_Your_Wife_–_How_Far_Does_it_Go_ (number 20090903).MP3
DvarHalacha_The_Tzedakah_Collector (number 20091229).MP3
DvarHalacha_Walking_Between_Two_Women (number 20100113).MP3
DvarHalacha_Walking_During_Shema (number 20100207).MP3
DvarHalacha_What_Lo_Sisna_Es_Achicha_Means (number 20090824).MP3
DvarHalacha_When_to_Check_Mezuzos_and_Tefillin (number 20090812).MP3
DvarHalacha_When_to_Say_Breech_Shmei (number 20100124).MP3
DvarHalacha_Why_to_Check_Your_Tefillin_–_ Shel_Rosh_Compartments_and_Squareness (number 20090815).MP3
DvarHalacha_Why_to_Check_Your_Tefillin_–_Retzuos_&_Batim (number 20090816).MP3
DvarHalacha_Yichud_-_What_If_Her_Husband's_In_Town (number 20100121).MP3
DvarHalacha_Yichud_and_Your_Mother-in-Law (number 20091224).MP3
DvarHalacha-EruvTavshilin (number 20110925).mp3
R CZM Monday May 17 pt 1.mp3
R CZM Monday May 17 pt 2.mp3
R CZM Monday May 17 pt 2.WAV
R CZM Monday May 17 pt 3.mp3
R CZM Monday May 17 pt 3.WAV
R CZM Monday May 17 pt 4.mp3
R CZM Monday May 17 pt 4.WAV
RavMalinowitz_DvarHalacha_HachanaOnShabbos (number 20111212).mp3